Broken Shed Vodka Momentum Accelerates in U.S. Market

As published in Beverage Dynamics on June 10, 2019

Broken Shed Vodka Accelerates Momentum in U.S. Market – Now in 17 States

Southport, CT – As Broken Shed Vodka adds three new markets (Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Maryland) to its U.S. rollout, the award-winning New Zealand-made vodka continues to garner acclaim and build momentum. The brand recently added a gold medal from tastings.com to its collection of awards for the clean taste and luxurious texture of the product. Beginning in June, Broken Shed will be adding a new one-liter sized bottle as well as a newly-designed 750ml bottle. Liters will come in 6 pack cases, while 750ML bottles will come in 6 or 12 pack cases.

“The combination of New Zealand’s purest waters and its clean, crisp taste is making Broken Shed a real winner,” said Sam Brown, Executive Chairman of Broken Shed Distilleries, Inc. “In addition to its exquisite taste and finish, the product is additive and gluten-free. Consumers love that Broken Shed is authentic from start to finish.”

Broken Shed has grown rapidly in the U.S., expanding distribution from 4 to 17 markets over the past year and a half alone. Broken Shed Vodka is now available in CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, ME, NJ, KY, TN, NC, MI, WI, NV, CA and international Australia and New Zealand, with more coming soon. To see the latest information go to Brokenshed.com/locator.

In recent months, industry veterans from Seagram’s and Sidney Frank have joined the company, along with an expanded fleet of sales personnel, to support the summer 2019 expansion.

Broken Shed Vodka is distilled by Broken Shed Distilleries, Inc., in New Zealand, with North American headquarters based in Southport, CT. ♢