Broken Shed Vodka is on Beverage Dynamics 9 Vodka Trends in 2020

As published in Beverage Dynamics on April 27, 2020

9 Vodka Trends in 2020

Vodka is still king of the spirits. For all the press around trendier categories like whiskey or tequila, vodka retains the sales crown. It represents about one-third of spirits volume nationwide.

And vodka is still growing. The category was up a respectable 1.2% in sales in 2019, according to the Beverage Information and Insights Group, with domestic increasing 2%.

This year, the Covid-19 crisis will likely strengthen vodka’s reign. Retailers across the country report customers reaching for vodka, especially larger-format bottles. Consumers want to stock up on well-known, versatile spirits… read more»