Drinking Proper With Copper

Did you know that drinking your summer cocktail from a copper mug could, in fact, benefit your health? Copper annihilates infection-causing bacteria, aids digestion, healing injuries and healthy skin and hair, just to name a few. 

Typically, people think the copper mug is used solely to keep drinks colder and provide a refreshing sensation on a warm day. Copper is one of the only Pure Metals. It is renowned for many things, but to us, our favorite, is that using copper barware is actually extremely good for you. Our “Pure Cocktail Mixology Kits” include copper tools, to help you create the purest cocktails.

Copper is an essential trace mineral required for proper metabolic function. Since it is a hard mineral, trace amounts easily find their way into liquids that touch it. It dates back to one of the oldest methods of practicing preventative natural health. Ancient Egyptians would use copper vessels to keep water fresh, they then realized the health benefits of drinking the water from the copper metal.

Drinking water from a copper mug can help to ionize the water and balance its pH. So there’s no need to spend countless dollars on a bottles of pH balanced water – you can make your own in a copper mug!

For more info about the benefits of drinking pure water, check out our Pure Water Blog Post.

Copper plays many important roles in maintaining a healthy body. What better reason to enter our competition to win a copper infused “Pure Cocktail Mixology Kit” to craft yourself a stylish Moscow Mule, or classy Martini.

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