How to Take Care Of Your Copper Barware

Taking care of your copperware is not all that hard and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

One thing is for certain though, if you already own a set of copper cups then you need to take care of them by hand otherwise they will begin to look old and dirty. All it requires is a little extra elbow grease.

Tip #1:

Always hand-wash copper mugs with a soft sponge and regular dish soap, then let them air dry. Every now and again apply a pure kitchen grade copper cleaner to maintain the shine.

Tip #2:

One way to naturally restore your copper barware to its original shine is to dip half a lemon in a bit of salt and polish each copper item for 3-4 minutes. Once all the items are back to their original shine, rinse and dry them thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth, making sure to get rid of all traces of moisture that could oxidize and darken the copper.

To learn more about how to restore your copperware, see the tutorial below:

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