The Truth About Copper

SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT ENJOYING YOUR REFRESHING ICE COLD MOSCOW MULE SERVED IN A COPPER MUG?  PROBABLY NOT, HERE’S WHY: The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division recently issued a bulletin warning people of the dangers of copper mugs.The concern allegedly stems from...

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The Augie Cocktail

Our latest creation the “Augie” cocktail is named after Sam’s (one of the Broken Shed’s owners) adorable 12-year-old golden retriever. The cocktail is just as sweet as our lovable furry friend. Our good pals over at Hotel Viking, who enjoy a refreshing clean cocktail...

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Broken Shed Vodka Is About To Takeover The East Coast

After announcing a partnership with Rhode Island Distributing in April, Broken Shed Vodka (a natural craft vodka from New Zealand) is embarking on another major expansion to New Jersey through a new partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group.  Breakthru Beverage New...

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Chill & Infuse Any Cocktail With Natural Flavor

We like to best enjoy Broken Shed with just a twist or zest of citrus to compliment the vodka's naturally crisp finish. When drinking less ornate cocktails, Ice Spheres are just the best way to chill your drink. Mixologists have long known and preferred this ice for...

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Purest Water On Earth

Broken Shed Vodka is free of GMOs, gluten, and any additives. The clean and full taste comes solely from the pureness of our ingredients, primarily from our pure water. Broken Shed Vodka is blended with local spring water from the Pisa Mountain range, in the Southern...

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Drinking Proper With Copper

Did you know that drinking your summer cocktail from a copper mug could, in fact, benefit your health? Copper annihilates infection-causing bacteria, aids digestion, healing injuries and healthy skin and hair, just to name a few.  Typically, people think the copper...

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Broken Shed Vodka Wins Platinum Medal At Sip Awards

Broken Shed Distilleries, Inc. is proud to announce that Broken Shed Vodka has been awarded the Platinum Medal at the 2017 SIP Awards. With the addition of the SIP Awards Platinum Medal, this is the fifth accolade Broken Shed Vodka has received this year. "We’re...

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The Daily Meal Spirit Review: Broken Shed Vodka

The Daily Meal Spirit Review: Broken Shed Vodka   The spirit is crisp and refreshing. As it opens up, a slight milky sweetness appears and it finishes extremely smooth with very little bite. Jaye is a licensed psychotherapist and a clinical supervisor with over...

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Broken Shed Vodka Expands Distribution To Rhode Island

Broken Shed Distilleries, Inc., makers of Broken Shed Vodka, a New Zealand vodka crafted from whey, announced today their expansion into the state of Rhode Island. The partnership is with Rhode Island Distributing, the Ocean State’s number one spirits, wine and beer...

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