Stay Healthy This Holiday (Without Giving Up Booze)!

The holiday parties are starting to pile up and, most likely, so are the extra pounds. Here are some tips on how to keep the holiday bulge at bay while still being festive.

Preparation is Key

If you know that there’s a holiday party coming up on the weekend, set some time aside to plan your daily meals. Eating regularly and staying hydrated is crucial. If you prepare weekly you can enjoy all of the festivities guilt free.


Move It

Spend 15 minutes of your day moving. Something as simple as walking the dog, running with a friend or yoga will get your heart rate up and metabolism going. Find a pal who will support you even through the cold days to make it that bit easier.


Ditch the Sugary Drinks & Mixers

Try having your vodka straight up with a twist rather than masking it with mixers high in carbs and sugar. The trick to is that there is no need to mask a harsh tasting vodka when you use a good quality clean brand such as Broken Shed. For the chance to win your own clean mixology kit, enter our holiday giveaway.


Find Your Balance

If you combine all of the above it can result in a happy balanced life. Nobody is perfect, you can only do your best while still enjoying yourself. Eating healthy regularly, exercising, replacing sugary drinks with low carb alternatives allows room for some indulgent treats for special occasions.