The Best Gift Ideas For A Mixologist

We all have someone in our lives who is the master cocktail maker (or thinks they are). The one who arrives to parties with limes, strainers. This year why not treat them to some tools to kick their skills up a notch.


1.Boozy Book

Find a cocktail guidebook that will dive deeper into the world of mixology, such as The Craft of The Cocktail by Dale DeGroff or Death & Co: Modern Classics, which contains 500 of the most popular cocktails from the bar Death & Co which is a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts and was once named America’s Best Cocktail bar. Having a guidebook at hand can spark even more creativity for your mixologist friend.

2. Stocking Stuffers

The greatest cocktails have minimal and fresh ingredients. All your mixologist needs are some simple little tools to create these classics. Some of our favorites are zesters and citrus reamers for creating cocktails that are natural and clean. Or even better a multi-tool that combines both.

3.  A Bottle of Broken Shed

The most important element of any cocktail is the quality of the spirit used. The base of a cocktail needs a clean smooth vodka for the best results. Broken Shed Vodka crafted using the cleanest water on earth from both the South Island and North Island of New Zealand.

4. Bitters Kit

Most mixologist will want to make their cocktails from scratch. This kit allows them to go the extra mile by creating their own bitters. It is a major step up from buying a bottle of bitters that can be found anywhere. Find out where to buy one here.

5. Ice Ball Maker

Spherical ice works better for cocktails than regular shaped ice. A spherical cube will release less water into your drink, making the flavor last longer. It is an ideal gift for a mixologist to up their game. To find out more about spherical ice tricks see here.