Top 7 Vodka Brands to Have Delivered

As published in Chilled Magazine on April, 2020

To narrow down the vast world of vodka, Chilled compiled a selection worth giving a shot, no pun intended.

Carefully chosen based on overall sustainability, purity of ingredients, and the beauty of its containers, these spirits will have you “chillin” before you know it. We urge you to expand your vodka horizons. You’d be straight up silly to not have at least one of these vodkas on your radar!

Serving up potato vodka with pride from the state of Idaho! Idaho is where the people fueling this brand come from and live, where natural ingredients are sourced, and the product is manufactured. The magical crop known as the luscious Russet Burbank potato is the liquid’s x-factor ingredient. Blue Ice is distilled in a four-column still using fractal distillation… read more»