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A smooth lake with mountains

New Zealand’s
Premium Vodka.

Three ingredients.
Two of them water.


Vodka from a Different World

Broken Shed Vodka is from a different world.

A mystical land of stunning vistas and wonderful creatures.
A different world... with different rules.

Where we ignored the traditions of what vodka should be…
And decided that two waters were better than one.

Broken Shed is born in New Zealand.
Step through the window.
Taste what it means to be different.

A Broken Martini cocktail with olives

Clean. Crisp. Commended.

(Much like the people who drink it, really.)

Every sip of Broken Shed Vodka is blended from ancient mineral water from New Zealand’s Southern Alps, pure spring water from its North Island, and highest-quality distilled whey from its… well, cows.

A tree overhangs a lake with mountains in the background

Two people walk into a shed…

And the rest is history.

It all started many years ago in a rustic old shed on the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka. Two explorers were enjoying a drink, when it dawned on them that they should make a vodka themselves.

Three Ingredients.

Two of them water.

Our vodka is completely free of additives, sweeteners and GMOs. It’s naturally-free of gluten at every step of the process. And the way we make it celebrates and protects the purity of our beautiful New Zealand environment.

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Two people cheers copper mugs
Broken Shed Vodka Bottle

The Broken Shed Journal


We’re proud to have crafted our unique vodka in a very different part of the world. And while much has happened to get us to this point, the Broken Shed story is still being written. So pour yourself a drink and thumb through a chapter or two.

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