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A bottle of Broken Shed on a rock with plants

Our Promise


Broken Shed and Sustainability

To create clean, crisp vodka, you need pristine ingredients and a pure environment.

A bottle of Broken Shed on a rock next to a lake

Sustainability Matters

Protecting the environment goes hand-in-hand with producing a world-class vodka.

In fact, our desire to create the most crisp, cleanest vodka has been aligned with our vision of responsible sustainability since Day One.

When we say, "This is what vodka can be," we're speaking as much to the way Broken Shed is made as we are its smooth, warming taste.

Here’s what the Broken Shed team are doing to create a positive environmental legacy.

Broken Shed Vodka is poured into a glass with ice

Product Sustainability

The main, fermentable ingredient in Broken Shed Vodka is whey - a local sustainable resource, created as a by-product of New Zealand’s Dairy industry.

After extensive taste-testing spirits made from a range of starch sources, the silky texture, and premium flavor profile of whey made it our number one choice.

The fact that whey is also a plentiful, naturally occurring byproduct starch source in New Zealand made it the perfect choice for Broken Shed Vodka. Plus, by using whey we're not taking valuable farming land to grow grains.

Photo of water splashing

While we proudly use a blend of spring water and mineral water at the end of the distillation process to create our luxurious mouthfeel and signature flavors, we don’t need it at the beginning for fermentation. Because our whey arrives in liquid form and is ready for the yeast to be added, we’re not using millions of extra litres each year for ‘brewing’ or ‘mashing.’

A bottle of Broken Shed with mountains in the background

Packaging Sustainability

Broken Shed is actively migrating our packaging to more environmental and sustainable options.

We’re currently moving from imported sources to items produced locally, and using materials with increased ability to be recycled and/or containing recyclable content.
For example, we’re now using a Kraft card carton shipper, which uses 30% recycled content.

In mid-2023 we'll have migrated our bottle closures from a two part European imported system, to an Australasian sourced single part closure, with a higher degree of environmental recycling.

Marketing Sustainability

As much as we want to spread the word about Broken Shed and become your vodka of choice, we want to do so sustainably.

Our Vodka of Tomorrow marketing campaign relies heavily on digital channels for reaching and educating new audiences. When we need to create printed assets, we make an effort to use sustainable or recycled sources.

This extends to the partners we do business with. Our printers in the United States, New Zealand and around the world have their own sustainability commitments including:

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified;
  • Ensuring their products are managed responsibly to be environmentally sustainable. For example, paper products are 25% minimum post-consumer waste (PCW);
  • Properly managing paper waste, and recycling as many paper products as possible;
  • Using mineral free inks.

Giving Back

From what Vodka can be, to what our world can be.

People are an important part of our environment. Where we can, we want to partner with organisations looking to create a better world to live in, as well as improving our natural environment.

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