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Cocktail Recipes

Top 5 Classic Vodka Cocktails

A Broken Martini cocktail with olives

The Best Classic Vodka Cocktails


Vodka is known as a great spirit to build iconic, delicious cocktails with. From Bond's classic Vodka Martini to a late-night favourite of espresso decadence, there's a vodka cocktail for any season and occasion. Check out our top picks below and be sure to browse our full range of Broken Shed Vodka recipes.

A Broken Martini cocktail with olives

1. Broken Martini

Crisp, clean and smooth, a classic vodka martini is a great way to get acquainted with the taste of Broken Shed. There's no sugary mixers to hide Broken Shed's award-winning taste with this one.

A brown, foamy Espresso Martini next to a bottle of Broken Shed

2. Espresso Martini

The perfect after-dinner pick-me-up, an Espresso Martini is a decadent, caffeinated cocktail unlike anything else. It's time to put that espresso machine to good use!

A cocktail with limes next to a bottle of Broken Shed

3. Shed & Tonic

Refreshing and crisp, a vodka tonic is the perfect, simple drink that still let's the vodka's flavour shine through.

A red cocktail with lime garnish next to a bottle of Broken Shed

4. Broken Cosmo

A Cosmopolitan is the perfect party drink that's suitable for any (and every) palate.

A red Bloody Mary cocktail next to a bottle of Broken Shed

5. Broken Mary

Guaranteed to make your brunch better, a Bloody Mary is the perfect way to kickstart your weekend.

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No matter your preference, we've got a cocktail for every ability and occasion.

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