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Try These Vodka Cocktails For A Happy Holidays

The Holiday season is just made for cocktails like these. Perfect for sharing, just a bit decadent, and delicious both hot and cold.

Broken Shed Vodka is perfect because it's so versatile and can match your perfect Holiday vibe. Want dessert in a glass? Perfect. How about complex flavors through simple infusions? Absolutely! 

Keep reading for decadent, spice-driven recipes with cinnamon and nutmeg, and of course, at least one sparkling cocktail to celebrate with during your New Year's Eve countdown.

Oatmeal Raisin Cocktail in a coup glass. Sitting next to a bottle of Broken Shed Vodka.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cocktail

Do you leave milk and cookies out for Santa?

Here's an indulgent treat for the adults that recaptures the excitement of preparing oatmeal raisin cookies for Christmas Eve.

A white, foamy cocktail with strawberries next to a bottle of Broken Shed

A Holiday Dessert In A Cocktail Glass

Invented in New Zealand, the Pavlova is a classic Holiday dessert inspired by a ballerina who seemed lighter than air.

Think meringue, topped with cream and bright citrus fruits (New Zealand's festive season is in summer), and you've captured the essence of a Kiwi holiday in a cocktail.

Apple, Cinnamon & Rosemary Holiday Cocktail

Apple, cinnamon and rosemary make this a deliciously balanced Holiday cocktail. Crisp, tart, with a touch of holiday spice, this vodka cocktail is absolutely worth the effort.

A Boozy Holiday Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Imagine a thicker, European-style hot chocolate that's taken to a whole new level with decadent mint tea-infused Broken Shed Vodka. Sound good? Perfect for those colder nights, this Holiday cocktail will keep you cozy and warm.

A champagne and vodka cocktail in champagne flute. Garnished with lemon next to a bottle of Broken Shed Vodka.

A Sparkling Cocktail For New Year's Celebrations

This sparkling cocktail is perfect for raising a glass, and toasting a Happy New Year. Balancing sweet citrus and dry sparkling wine, the Broken 75 cocktail just feels celebratory.

Celebrate The Season With Our Holiday Cocktails

Feeling festive and looking for more decadent, dessert-styled cocktail recipes? You’ll find plenty more Holiday inspired Broken Shed Vodka cocktail recipes right here!

Share your Broken Shed Vodka cocktails with us on social media, using #BrokenShedVodka and let us know your favorite Holiday cocktail recipes.

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